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The Temples of Abu Simble

The complex of Abu Simble is one of the most important and impressive Pharaonic monuments in Egypt. It was constructed by the most famous Pharaoh and builder of ancient Egypt; King Ramses II during the 13th century to record the victory Ramses achieved against the Hittites in Palestine. This is beside the fact that Ramses II wanted to prove his greatness to the inhabitants of Upper Egypt and in Nubia.

The construction process of the two temples of Abu Simble took 21 years to be completed as the two temples were all cut out of six huge rocks situated near Aswan and it was finished in 1265 BC.



The Temple was afterward deserted and forgotten until it was rediscovered by a Swiss orientalist in 1817. The legend says that the temple was named Abu Simble after a local guy who was said led the archaeologists to discover the complex.

The temple of Ramses II is famous for its marvelous façade which consists of four huge colossi of Ramses II wearing the two crowns of Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt. This is beside the wonderful hypostyle hall inside the temple and the astonishing colorful inscriptions spread all over the temple recording the victory of Ramses II; the beloved of Amun, as he named himself.

Due to the construction of the High Dam in the 1960s, the Temples of Abu Simble, together with many other Pharaonic temples erected in Nubia, were relocated. The temples of Abu Simble were dismantled, transferred to a new location around 300 kilometers to the South on an artificial cliff which also offers superb views of the River Nile.

A trip to Abu Simble is extremely recommended to any tourists who are fond of ancient Egyptian architecture, natural scenery, and Pharaonic history.  

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