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Have you ever fancied yourself a world traveler?  Do you think you have what it takes to get around a country on your own? You have picked all the places you want to see, selected your tour, and your bags are packed. You are ready to explore Egypt the way you have envisioned the great explorers from long ago. Are you ready to go to it alone? Have you considered obstacles you will have to overcome due to the language barrier? 

Have you thought about the customs you are unaware of that could impact the way that you do business and interact with the people around you? Have you considered how your appearance, your expectations, and even your gender may change the dynamic of your exploration? No guidebook can prepare you for these differences in culture – not completely.

Dahabiya Nile Cruise

If you are not in hurry and want to enjoy Egypt & the Nile in the most relaxed style, then look no further. A boutique Dahabiya Nile Cruise is your best option.

Nile Cruise Holidays

Nile Cruise Holidays are among the most talked and hyped vacations in the world. We invite you to book with us and let our knowledgeable guides show you why.

Egypt and the Red Sea

Egypt and the red sea tours are a combination between Egypt classical sightseeings & wonderful beach holidays that can be a great option for couples & families

Egypt Family Holidays

We are pride to offer you the best Egypt Family Holidays that will delight each member of your family. Our Egypt Family Holidays come at a special family price

Egypt in Depth

Travel 2 Egypt offers tours of ancient Egypt. Our Egypt In Depth tours will take you outside of normal tourist excursions & show you ancient civilization.

Egypt Luxury Holidays

The best part of the luxury Egypt travel package is of course the turnkey nature of your trip that we offer. Book your holiday now!

Egypt On The Go

Travel2Egypt offers Egypt on the Go tours. These shorter tour packages are great if you only have a few days to spend in Egypt and still want to sightsee.

Hassle Free Egypt

Travel 2 Egypt offers luxury holidays to Egypt. Our hassle-free Egyptian vacations eliminate the need for haggling and debate. Call for more information!

Special Interest

Travel 2 Egypt offers special interest tour packages in Egypt. They include golf packages, bird watching tours, desert safaris and more. Call for details!

All Inclusive Packages

All Inclusive Packages