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About Egypt

Try as we might, it’s impossible to place Egypt in a box. Her people are diverse, history complex, and kingdoms expanded. She is more than what centuries of popular fiction can do justice. Egypt is many things to many people. We borrow that philosophy when serving our clients – be so much more.

You may choose the adventure yet it helps to have a lay of the land. For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of major destinations. 

Explaining Upper and Lower Egypt

First-time visitors are often baffled by Egyptian geography. Duality is an important theme reflected in Egyptian iconography. Nowhere is this more apparent than Upper and Lower Egypt. To the south lies the former, and to the north the latter.

Ancient Egyptians did not mark their respective borders. Lower Egypt describes the Nile Delta region while Upper Egypt the Nile Valley.

King Menes is credited with unifying Upper and Lower Egypt. Pharaohs wore a red and white crown symbolizing control over both territories.