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We pride ourselves on giving you a unique and authentic travel experience that is unrivaled. We will create itineraries for you that are specific to your interests and match your expectations to a tee.  Because we focus on you and what you want to do on your vacation, you will experience a one-of-a-kind trip unlike anything else you have ever enjoyed.  We are not a one-size fits all company; we tailor-make your itineraries. 

We excel in providing:

  • All-inclusive packages that bundle your food, accommodations, and transportation (including taxes and entrance fees).  We are upfront with any and all costs so that there are no surprises.

  • Professionals who know the area and its history.

  • Comfortable accommodations that reflect what you expect.  We choose the crème of the crop in accommodations for each star level so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

  • True value tourism – we show you Egypt… the real Egypt.  The monuments, bazaars, historical locations, and important sites are both authentic and interesting.  We will not waste your time!

We want you to enjoy your trip so we will pull out all the stops to make it so.  Your Egyptian vacation will be chock full of legitimate locations of historical value, meaningful background, and exciting stops.  We believe in connecting with you and will do so with a personal touch.  Call us – we’ll answer the phones and talk with you about your questions. 

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Toilets in Egypt 

Egypt is a third world country where many things do not work like they do in your home country. Restrooms and toilets can be extremely filthy, and many of them are not fit for human beings, no matter what you wear.

Around the major sites and sights, there will be manned toilets, which are slightly better, but you have to remember that thousands upon thousands of tourists use them every day. A man or woman will be outside handing out slips of toilet paper for a fee (5 Egyptian Pound) and in the best of cases, they also make sure that the inside of the restroom is kept relatively clean.

Travelling to third world countries you will not be "walking in whatever", but yes, you will find many restrooms very unpleasant.

In hotels and restaurants, it is common to find a restroom which is very clean and easily comparable to western standards.

Few official public toilets exist, but it’s acceptable to use one in a restaurant or hotel even if you’re not a customer.

Although you will find both ‘squat’ and ‘sit down’ toilets in operation in Egypt, it is the western style ‘sit down’ toilet that is prevalent.

However, in most cases toilets in Egypt have been adapted and installed with one of the following:

• A metal tube in the bowel which takes aim at the user’s rectum. A tap to the side of the seat releases a stream of water of varying ferocity from the tube.

• A small showerhead on a rope hanging to one side of the loo (As shown in the image). The user can take this to aim at the desired area and compress a trigger to release a jet stream of water.

Both of these modifications are intended to be used in conjunction with the left hand (hence Egyptians always eat and shake with the right) for the purpose of cleaning oneself after a visit. As such they are not built to take paper, which will cause immediate blocking. All paper is to be placed in the bins provided.

Many toilets have an integrated bidet tube, which unfortunately can get quite mucky. The knob for the bidet is usually to the right of the toilet tank – open it very slowly to gauge the pressure.

In cities, it’s a good idea to make a mental note of all Western-style fast-food joints and five-star hotels, as these are where you’ll find the most sanitary facilities.

When you’re trekking in the desert or camping on a beach, either pack out your toilet paper or burn it. Do not bury it – it will eventually be revealed by the wind.