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Ramadan In Egypt

Traveling Egypt during Ramadan has a  particular taste. You will see Egypt but from a very special angle.

Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic Calendar that depends on the lunar year; that is why the coming of Ramadan changes every year.

Ramadan commemorates the time when God first began revealing passages of the holy Koran (the Holy Book of Muslims) to the prophet Mohammed.

During this month, large decorations, prayers, and celebrations are held in Egypt. Ramadan is characterized by a discipline of self-control, tolerance, mercy, blessings and prayers.

The customary greeting in Egypt is “Ramadan Karim” (Generous or Blessing is Ramadan).

Usually, Muslims fast and abstain from drinking, eating, smoking and entertaining activity from dawn time till sunset every day.

They rise early before dawn to have “SoHor” (means a light meal before beginning the fast).

After fasting to sunset, they have “Iftar” (means breaking the fast). Iftar and SoHor are the main courses for Muslims through this time.

It is quite normal to see large tables full of traditional Egyptian food are upstanding on the street that funded by donations and rich people or merchants. 

After that prayer of Quiam is held in mosques. In addition to that, Nights of Ramadan also are very famous for traditional music shows and entertainment keep long till night.

Decoration of Ramadan

The Egyptians decorate their houses, markets, and streets with “Fanoos” (Ramadan Lantern). At the end of this month, Egypt commemorates a feast for three days called “Eid El-Fitr”. The people congratulate each other by saying Eid Said (Happy Feast). Or “Eidl Fitr Mubarak” (Blessed Feast).

If you want to travel Egypt during the month of Ramadan, you will enjoy a different experience, especially at night. The best places to visit during that time are El Moez St., the open-air museum of Islamic monuments, where you can walk in delight through the night.

Al Azhar area is full of interesting shops and all kinds of handicrafts like copper, pottery, silver and gold

Wekalet El Ghouri is an entertainment place where you can watch local folklore art in the evening especially the Tanora Dance. And finally, You will find the Coloured Traditional lantern of Ramadan everywhere (Fanus) nearly everywhere, in balconies, Entrance of Shops, Restaurants, Coffe Shops and Malls.

Finally, do not forget also that in Ramadan most of the museums, historical sites and temples have especially timetable and close almost one hour earlier than the normal time. Also many restaurants may refrain from selling all alcoholic drinks during the holy month of Ramadan.