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Local Time In Egypt

Currency In Egypt

Language And Communication

Almost all Egyptians, especially those working in tourism, know some English. If they don’t, they will guide the tourists to some other people who know English. People in Egypt are usually very friendly and helpful

Communicating with Egyptians is never a problem as they know many ways of communication and various skills

Egyptians love it when tourists know some Arabic words like “Shokran: Thanks” “Salam Alaikum : Hello” “Bekam: for how much”. This would create a nice sense between the locals and the foreigners

If travelers are planning to travel away from the common Egyptian touristic route; to cities or neighbourhoods that are not usually explored by travelers, it is recommended to know some Arabic and it is actually better to be accompanied by an Egyptian guide or escort.

However, here are some of the most commonly used practical words you might be in need to while you are exploring amazing Egypt.


Written In Arabic As: مرحبا 

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Sabaah Al-Khayr

Written In Arabic As: صباح الخير

Optimized-good morning.png

Masaa Al-Khayr

Written In Arabic As: مساء الخير

Optimized-good evening.png


Written In Arabic As: أيوة



Written In Arabic As: لا

Optimized-Just say LAA to say NO.png


Written In Arabic As: يلا

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In Shaa Allah

Written In Arabic As: إن شاء الله 

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Written In Arabic As: شكراً

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Written In Arabic As: عفواً

Optimized-you're welcome.png 


Written In Arabic As: أسف

Optimized-Just say ASEF to say .png


Written In Arabic As: إزيك

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Al Hamudu Lillah

Written In Arabic As: الحمد لله 

thank god.png


Written In Arabic As: إمتي

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Written In Arabic As: فين

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Written In Arabic As: لماذا