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Handpicked Tours and Hotels

After a day of traveling and visiting attractions, it feels good to be able to go back to a hotel room that is comfortable and inviting.  That is not as easy to do if your hotel option is questionable at best.  We know how important it is to feel comfortable in your room when it is time to wind down.  That’s why we offer 5-star hotels as our base hotel option.  Every area in the world is different and the star ratings of hotels are different in every country, but that doesn’t stop us from providing you the comfort you need during your stay.  With 5-star hotel options available as your base hotel, you are guaranteed to find accommodations that satisfy your standards.  We also offer an upgrade package that includes some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.   Live like a king or a queen in the land of Kings and Queens.

We treat our tours with the same meticulous nature.  We strive to make your experience as exciting as it can be.  That means the tours must be well thought out and full of knowledge and adventure.  To do that we must allow ample time for you to explore the sites and learn as much as possible.  To make that a reality we put private departures in place – this lets you leave a site when you are ready to leave.  We have designed itineraries that are complete – you will not only see the sites but also learn about their historical importance.  We believe in giving you the freedom to tailor your vacation the way you want it.