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Visiting a Religious Site In Egypt

In general, with the exception of Al Hussein and Al Saida Zeinab mosques, where relatives of the prophet Mohamed are buried and are prohibited to be entered by non-Moslems, most historical mosques would welcome guests from any nationality and religious backgrounds in the period from 9 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon,

The famous historical mosques in Egypt like the Mosque of Mohamed Ali in the Citadel; the Mosque of Amr Ibn El Aas, the Refaie Mosque and El Sultan Hassan Mosque, and Al Azhar Mosque always welcome tourists to take a tour of the place.

Moslems have five prayer times around the day. It is always recommended not to visit the mosques during these times.

Even away from these times, you can find Moslems in mosques at any time of the day carrying out their prayers. It is quite recommended not to intervene and not to take pictures of them during prayer time.

A modest clothing is essential for visiting any mosque in Egypt and visitors are usually asked to take off their shoes at the entrance of the mosque

In many of the mosques of Egypt, ladies will be asked to cover their hair during their visit to the mosques. A simple scarf will be efficient and some mosques provide them for women at the entrance of the mosque.

Many of the rules mentioned above would apply for visiting a Coptic monastery in Egypt except for taking off the shoes before entering

Monasteries are usually ready to receive guests during the day except in the times of Lent.