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Expert guides that speak the lingo

Traveling to another country is easy.  Buying the tickets, thinking about what tours you want to take – those things are relatively simple to manage.  But there are other things to consider when seeing a new place.  Depending upon where you are traveling from and the lifestyle you are used to, you might be in for a culture shock.  While people are people everywhere and basic kindness exists in common among all humans, Western and Eastern world cultures are vastly different.  Simple hand gestures that are commonly used where you are from might be offensive to those of another culture.  It is difficult to know what about your speech and mannerisms might be misconstrued and cause you problems when scheduling activities abroad, but that doesn’t mean you should give up your dreams of traveling to these wonderful places.  There is someone that can help.

That’s where guides come in!

Having a guide who is familiar with the area, the people, and their cultures and customs goes a long way to making your vacation comfortable and successful.  A guide can remove confusion and misunderstanding from a situation and keep the dynamic where it should be: happy and fulfilling.  Because we understand this important aspect of travel, we deliver our tours in 10 languages. We make sure to select the best guides – those who are knowledgeable about the area, well read about the history of the attractions, and understand the culture implicitly.  Scheduling a guide with us will be like having an old friend along during your tour.